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Our 96ktro, a coproduction of RG and us, is available here! Oh, BTW, Outline totally rocked! It was the best year for us so far. (05-04-2008)
The first item this year.. I've put some sources and executables up here. One is the aurora (northern lights) simulator and the other one is the old fluid dynamics screen from a year ago. Both are for the PC and the fluid dynamics also contains a port for GP2X (fixed point, with some ARM assembler). The PC version of the fluid dynamics contains a dual threaded version (Unix specific (pthreads)), which is alot faster on modern PC's. But beware: that fluid source is a mess! The Aurora sources are quite clean, though. Check 'em out! (02-01-2008)
Some oldies which I made last year: source codes (in C) added for square root computation. Relatively detailed explanation is inside the sources. May be interesting to some of you coders out there. (13-10-2007)
Link to d-force music added. Check it out! (16-09-2007)
Outline 2007 invitation intro (Falcon) released complete with sources. Check 'em out! (17-05-2007)
A fix (requested by Defjam/CP) of this year's invitro has been done. ST's with TOS 1.2 or lower and cookies installed crashed. Also, the complete sources to the prod are released. Check 'em out! (30-08-2006)
A fix for a decent 60 Hz VGA resolution for the chosneck mag has been released. Save your eyes and replace 'shell.prg' with shit.prg. Furthermore, we've been working on the Outline2006 party preparations and even an ST invitro. Download it here! (20-05-2006)
Finally, all the sources of the demo stuff are available on this site. Well, there is one production of which the sources are totally lost (Icerain 4k), but that's not our finest hour anyway. Let's hope someone can find some inspiration in the Alive and Stone Tower sources. The rest of the news is that there may be an Outline 2006, and with that a new invitro! (22-11-2005)
A new index page with lineout info and member status is up. Tinker (of TNH) has become a member after his faithful service (slavery) at various parties. He isn't aware of this fact yet but he'll hear at the next party ;)) All old coding articles are present as well. And.. there are some additional links to videos of our demos in the downloads section. (3-9-2005)
A reasonable gallery of Havoc's pictures is present now.. And a menu to provide you with a little overview.. Enjoy! =) (2-8-2005)
finally, some update for the site. it looks at least close to halfway acceptable now. some of the downloads i wanted to put up ages ago, such as havoc's pictures, the mod compilation, and some vlm's, are now available too. (3-7-2005)
our 4ktro from the outline2005 party has been released. at least ct2 or ab40 for fast slideshow ;) ct60 recommended: scape_4k. (29-3-2005)
after some delay the outline 2005 invitro has finally been released! check it out here. (16-3-2005)
the ct60 vlm system has gone through an update. some minor speed-ups and bugfixes as well as a new plugin and a nifty hold function (try 'h' on your keyboard). check it out here. (2-1-2005)
yeah, it's true, we're working on preparations for another edition of the outline coding party! it seems there is enough interest, judging from the poll at dhs. an invitro conceived by an international and multi-disciplinary team of lo-tek specialists should should hit your machines soon (for 1 meg st(e)/tt/falcon)! (29-12-2004)
.... actually the uploading is kinda slow.. many things have been lost and from time to time i try to fill the gaps.. (28-12-2004)