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downloads and stuffs:

demo-alike stuffs in chronological order, sources included, or see notes:
intro/demo filesource infomachinevideo
ice rainsources lost :/falcon rgb-
fungle beatssources includedfalcon rgb-
fun mod compilationsources includedfalcon rgb/vga-
alive (plus version)sources (big!) available here falcon rgb/vga-
maggie 29 introsources includedfalcon rgb/vga-
sct1funthe sources sadly don't match 100%falcon rgb/vga-
deltasources includedfalcon rgb/vga-
outsources includedfalcon rgb/vga SVCD MPEG-2
stone towersources includedst(e)/falcon-
outline 2005 invitrosources includedst(e)/falcon-
scape 4ktrosources includedfalcon (ct60) rgb/vga SVCD MPEG-2
outline 2006 invitrosources includedst(e)/falcon-
outline 2007 invitrosources herefalcon rgb/(vga) MPEG-4 AVC
fluid dynamics simulatorsources included PC (linux)/ GP2X-
northern lights simulatorsources included PC (win/linux)-
meikever ("june bug") 96ktrosources st/falcon/tt-

games, largely (?) in chronological order:
- snatch
- sokjeban
- men at war preview
- tron 2
- paracontroller