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Lineout is a group of Atari 16/32 bit computer (ST/Falcon030) enthousiasts and is known as an active crew in the demo scene.

Why Lineout? It's a tech term that refers to audio signal output at a standard power level. We consider Lineout to be a platform for combining our creative forces and output of high quality productions.

Historically, Lineout members originate from Falcon Users Netherlands (FUN). After this crew fell asleep we found a way out and Lineout was formed.

Lineout members:

NicknameFunction Status E-Mail
D-Force Music, WWW Active d [dot] force [at] home [dot] nl
Earx Asm/C Code, WWW Active pvdmeer [at] gmail [dot] com
Havoc Graphics Active pvrijn [at] hotmail [dot] com
TheMatch Music,Graphics,GFA codeSleeping ?
Tinker Music,GraphicsActive TiNKer_TNH [at] hotmail [dot] com